Privacy Policy

Extract from the terms and conditions of the Little mouse online shop

Processing personal data

The Seller provides proper technical and organizational means ensuring safety of personal data disclosed by the users, particularly means which render it impossible to access the data by any third parties or process them in a manner violating provisions of law, preventing data loss, damage or destruction.
After the Customer stops using services provided by the Seller as a result of termination of the agreement or lack of acceptance for these Terms and Conditions, Customer’s personal data may be processes in the scope necessary to state any violations and seek liability in connection to violation of law or these Terms and Conditions by the Customer.

Cookie files

For the proper functioning of the website, the Seller uses cookie files. Cookie files are information packages by which the Customer uses websites and which are saved on the Customer’s appliance and usually contain website address, date of placing, termination date, unique number and some additional information. Cookies may come from the administrator of the Online Shop or may be external files, which means they are placed by partners of the administrator via the Online Shop.

User may switch off of or limit the functioning of cookie files on their appliance according to the instructions of the Internet browser producer; however; it may cause that some or all functions of the Online Shop become unavailable. The User agrees to use cookie files by not changing settings switching off the cookie files.

Discovering Customer’s identity is not possible by using cookie files.

Files generated directly by the Online Shop cannot be read by other websites. External cookie files may be read by external servers.

The Online Shop uses cookie files to:

a) maintain User session (own files),
b) adjust content of the website to user’s preference (own files),
c) ensure data safety (own files),
d) create statistics (anonymous) which enable the Administrator to optimize functionalities of the website (external files),
e) combine website functions with external services used by the user (external files),
f) show marketing information suitable to the user’s preference and limit amount of advertisement shown (external files).

The Online Shop uses two basic types of cookie files:

a) session – deleted upon closing of the user’s session;
b) permanent – closing the user’s session does no delete the files.

Each user may, at any time, delete cookie files saved at their appliance according to the instructions of the Internet browser producer.

The website may save http requests, therefore some information may be saved in server log files, including IP address of the computer from which the request was made, customer station name – identification executed by http protocol, if possible, date and system time of the registration and request in the website, number of bytes send by the server, URL address of the site previously visited by the user, if the Customer entered the site using a link, information on user’s Internet browser, information on errors which occurred during http transaction.

Log files may be stored as a material for proper website administration. Only persons entitled to administer the ITC system have access to the information.

Log files may be analyzed in order to create statistics of Online Shop traffic and occurring errors. Summing up of such information does not enable identification of Customers.

Other information

SSL certificate

We ensure security of personal data due to application of SSL protocol, which effectively secures data transfer between customer and the online shop by coding. This prevents third parties from obtaining personal data. SSL protocol is one of the best methods protecting transfer of customer’s personal data during online financial transactions.